Scam Alerts

Financial Scam
We are aware that the company name “Howard Investments Limited” has been misused to encourage individuals to make financial investments. Howard Investments Limited does not make investments on behalf of members of the public or act as a financial adviser. It is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to do so.

If you have been contacted by individuals claiming to represent Howard Investments Limited, do not give them any money. Instead, contact the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre either online at or by telephone on 0300 123 2040.

To find out further information on how to protect yourself against investment scams, please go to the Financial Conduct Authority’s “Be Scam Smart” webpage using the link:

Email Scam
We have also been notified of an email scam involving our Chairman, Sir Guy Weston. If you have received an email claiming to be from Guy Weston, please do not supply any information or open or download any attachments.  So that we can investigate this matter further, please forward the email to us here at